TCM Services

TCM Services

Moxibusion Therapy | 60 mins | $398

Moxibustion beauty therapy is to disperse the fatigue, recover, replenish physical fitness, balance yin and yang of the most effective means. The use of moxibustion beauty treatments can improce the skin from the inside and facial muscles, exudes natural beauty.

Moxibusion Therapy options:

• Head Wellness
• Neck Wellness
• Shoulder and Hand Wellness
• Breast Wellness
• Liver Wellness
• Kidney Wellness
• Ovarian Wellness
• Stomach Wellness
• Slimming Wellness
• Vertebral Wellness

Cupping | 10 mins | $138
Guasa Spot | 15 mins | $208
Bo Jin Facial | 75 mins | $480

Clears blockages on meridian points, promotes lymph drainage, increase Qi energy flow, rejuvenate your skin and give your face and instant lift.

Bo Jin Treasure Therapy | 75 mins

Bo Jin Treasure massage therapy is a form of invigorating and recuperative massage which uses specially designed buffalo horn tools to untie the knots deeper into our muscle tissue and tendons. This massage works directly on our meridians to relieve chronic pain, muscle stiffness and help to relieve symptoms that arise from meridian blockage, such as water retention, weight gain etc.

Bo Jin Treasure Therapy options:

• Upper Back Full Therapy Massage
   (75 mins) $398
• Hips Full Therapy Massage
  (75 mins) $408
• Legs Full Therapy Massage
  (75 mins) $438

Tuina | 60 mins | $160
Eye Lift Bo Jin Treatment| 20 mins | $230

Traditional guasa for the eye, coupled with herbal cream will aid in reduction of eye fatigue and tension, reduces puffiness and dark circle.