TCM Services

TCM Services

Moxibustion Therapy | 60 mins | $430.70

Moxibustion is one of China’s most ancient art of healing. Its herbal physical therapy originated in ancient times had lasted for thousands of years. By using Ai Oil and wormwood t0 produce a comprehensive warm flow of Qi in meridiens or around the affected areas of the body, it helps to enhance vitality and blood circulation, promote greater health and well-being and at the same time, moisturise the skin. 

Moxibustion Therapy options:

• Head Wellness
• Neck Shoulder & Hand Wellness Therapy
• Breast Wellness
• Liver Wellness
• Kidney Wellness
• Ovarian Wellness
• Stomach Wellness
• Slimming Wellness
• Vertebral Wellness

Cupping | 10 mins | $138
Guasa Spot | 15 mins | $160
Bo Jin Facial | 60 mins | $480

Clears blockages on meridian points, promotes lymph drainage, increase Qi energy flow, rejuvenate your skin and give your face and instant lift.

Bo Jin Scalp | 25 mins | $208

Bojin scalp massage targets accupressure points on scalp area using pointed ends of the ox horn, in order to clear obstructions in the meridien channel.

Bo Jin Treasure Therapy | 75 mins

BoJin Treasure massage therapy is a form of invigorating and recuperative massage which uses specially designed buffalo horn tools to untie the knots deeper into our muscle tissue and tendons. This massage works directly on our meridians to relieve chronic pain, muscle stiffness and help to relieve symptoms that arise from meridian blockage, such as water retention, weight gain etc.

Bo Jin Treasure Therapy options:

• Upper Back Full Therapy Massage
   (75 mins) $398
• Hips Full Therapy Massage
  (75 mins) $408
• Legs Full Therapy Massage
  (75 mins) $438

Tuina | 60 mins | $16o
Eye Lift Bo Jin Treatment| 20 mins | $218

A traditional treatment for the eye, which aids in reduction of puffiness and dark circles

General Information

We are happy to cater to customers’ needs based on the number of sessions purchased. The package amount between the customer and consultant must be made upon mutual agreement.
* All prices displayed are nett of 8% gst wef 1st January 2023
* Valid for both male and female customers
* All package signed has only one year validity from date of purchase.
* AVA Certificate of Insurance will be issued immediately upon purchase of pre-paid packages.