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Let the healing hands of our certified therapists release tensions in your muscles and joints.

Classic Body Massage Therapies

Swedish Body Massage | 60 mins | $150

Deep tissue Body Massage | 60 mins | $160

Javanese Body Massage | 60 mins | $160


Aromatherapy Body Massages

Spa Relax Massage | 60 mins | $220

Soothing massage consisting of long effleurage strokes  to  relax and soothe tired muscles. This is complemented by use of tiara oil which relieves dry and itchy skin.

Immune Booster Massage | 60 mins | $220

This massage encourages blood circulation and promotes general well being. Essential oil of green leaves aids in gentle detoxification and supports the immune system. 

Restorative Body Massage | 60 mins | $220

This restorative massage uses Fig seed oil which is rich in anti- oxidants, nutrients and vitamins to repair and restore the body, mind and soul. 

Body Sculpt Massage | 60 mins | $220

Mandarin essential oil encourages lymphatic flow, resulting in feeling of lightness. It also lightens stretch marks and tones the skin.  

Body Indulgence

Manual Lymphatic Drainage | 60 mins | $200

45 minute Rhythmic and Relaxing massage to encourage lymph flow in the body, followed by 15 minutes of heat blanket to release toxins and excess fluid, thus reducing swelling and pain. As a preventive and remedial treatment, it can aid post-operation healing, clear congestion, treat sinus problems, arthritis, migraine, and insomnia.

Jamu Body Massage | 60 mins | $200

Jamu Oil Javanese Massage uses traditional herbal medicine to relieve wind, warm the body, and improve blood circulation.

Collagen Firming Body Massage | 60 mins | $200

Relaxing massage with Collagen Firming cream to repair skin condition, reduce signs of aging, sagging skin. Maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

Geranium Healer | 60 mins | $200

Geranium Body Cream Massage helps to improve skin texture, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and balance hormones

Eastern Meridian Point Massage | 60 mins | $260

Firm touch therapy using thumb, palms, and elbow on acupressure points of the body to mobilise Qi, or life force energy to release blockages.

Balinese Sandalwood Body Massage | 60 mins | $260

Medium to deep tissue massage to allevaite any discomfort in the body and improve blood circulation. The fragrant sandalwood cream will revive your senses with a calming effect. You will feel soothed and refreshed after this massage. 

Ginseng Body Massage | 60 mins | $200

Pure Siberian Ginseng oil – serum complex is used for massage in this treatment. Ginseng strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammations and increases circulation. 

Dream Land Massage | 60 mins | $200

A sedative massage using Cedarwood cream which encourages the release of serotonin converted into melatonin, which induces restorative sleep. The warm wood-like scent of aromatherapy is therapeutic, comforting to relieve chronic stress and depression.

Avocado Delight Body Massage | 60 mins | $200

Body pampering massage using Avocado oil rich in anti-oxidant and vitamins to battle against the skin aging process. Prevention of age spots and stimulate collagen production.

White Tea Sensory Massage | 60 mins | $260

White Tea has a soft and delicate floral scent which will enhance your sensory experience.  The application of the luxurious white tea massage cream on your body deeply moisturises your skin leaving it looking youthful and smooth to the touch.   White tea is naturally rich in antioxidants which further helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays thus reducing the risk of premature aging.

Tai Chi Massage | 60 mins | $260

Tai Chi can be translated into the “Supreme Ultimate Force”, associated with the Chinese principle of yin-yang to restore the body’s natural balance. Tai Chi Massage uses “8 energies” (ward off, rollback, press, push, acupressure, cupping, kneading and stroking) to improve internal energy flow, thus enhancing vitality.

Yoga-Stretch Massage | 60 mins | $260

This massage is designed to promote muscle tension relief, aid injury recovery, and bestow a sense of deep relaxation. Our skillful therapists will guide you through partner poses and manipulate your body into deep stretches. Some traditional massage techniques such as acupressure, compression, and joint mobilization are also used to promote positive energy circulation.

Spa Exclusive

Bergamot Body and Scalp Massage | 75 mins | $260

Bergamot oil has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic compounds. It stimulates the secretion of hormones which lessen nerve sensitivity and act as a natural painkiller. Bergamot Essential Oil alleviates tension, anxiety and depression. By reducing the levels of cortisol in the body, as well as promoting feelings of cheerfulness and energy, it is a natural mood booster.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage | 75 mins | $348

The Lomi Lomi massage provides a good and healthy constitution by healing, relaxing and balancing the energy within the body to build defense against sickness. Originating from Hawaii, this form of massage therapy was traditionally practiced by native healers, warriors and servants of royalty.

Qi Activ Myofascial Repair Therapy Massage | 75 mins | $398

Reduce inflammation in the fascia and support healing. They improve blood circulation and help deliver nutrition to the tissues while also removing toxins.

Alchemy Spa Therapy Massage | 75 mins | $328

A healthy body with a combination of three treasures: Essence, Energy, Spirit to balance Ying and Yang by unblocking meridians. Lymph circulation booster which aids in detoxication and drainage. Release tension and sore muscles. Create a beautiful body line, lift, firm, and give supplement and softness to the skin.

Holistic Wellness Therapy Massage | 75 mins | $328

A luxurious body treatment using 3 different products made from botanical extracts like Neroli, Bergamot, Camellia Oleifera Leaf, and Vitamin E. Luxury cream Aroma Healer used for revitalising cells. Stimulates the Detoxication channel, improve the immune system, and increase energy level by 10 fold. Increase womb temperature, hence reducing 90% risk of gynecological disorder.

Add-on for Body Massage

best massage

Steam Bath & Shower

30 Mins | $40

Milk Hydrotherapy

30 Mins | $85

Thermal Anti-Ache Therapy

LifeSpa’s Anti-Ache Therapy involves the application of heat for 15 minutes to unblock the stagnant Qi channels and activate the meridians in the body. This helps to put the body on the road to recovery.

15 Mins | $85

Lavender / Ginger scrub

30 Mins | $85

 Red Light Therapy

LifeSpa’s  Red Light Therapy involves the application of  red light spectrum for 15 minutes to encourage healing, reduce pain and relieves sore muscles. It also has regenerative effects from stimulating collagen.

15 Mins | $95


Upper Back | 20 mins | $100

Full Body | 30 mins | $180

Jamu Wrap

30 Mins | $190

Thermal Blanket

15 Mins | $85

Hair Removal

Upper Lip

PTF $150 | Waxing $28

Half Arm

PTF $320 | Waxing $55

Full Arm

PTF $425 | Waxing $70


PTF $200 | Waxing $45



PTF $250 | Waxing $55


PTF $480 | Waxing $75

Half Leg

PTF $375 | Waxing $65

Full Leg

PTF $535 | Waxing $85











General Information

We are happy to cater to customers’ needs based on the number of sessions purchased. The package amount between the customer and consultant must be made upon mutual agreement.
* All prices displayed included GST and effective from 1st April 2021
* Valid for both male and female customers
* All package signed has only one year validity from date of purchase.
* AVA Certificate of Insurance will be issued immediately upon purchase of pre-paid packages.