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Our holistic facial treatments work from the outside and penetrate deep into the skin to deliver sustained results and instantly noticeable radiance.

Advance Skin Care

Matis Facial
Ming Dynasty Gua Sha Facial | 60 mins | $200

Gua Sha Facial, the Eastern Botox Face lift, uses buffalo horn to stimulate circulation and detox, while relaxing tissue muscles from formation of wrinkles. This therapy smoothens lines, plumps up, tightens and rejuvenates skin.

Dermasonic Brightening Facial | 60 mins | $200

It is a skin perfecter that uses ultrasonic waves to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, dermodex and black heads, thus revealing brighter skin tone. The serum formulated to hydrate, smoothen, brighten and tighten is infused into the skin for a luminous glow.

Golden Radiance Facial | 60 mins | $200

Reduces wrinkles and enhances the skin’s radiance with gold serum; highly effective in toning and achieving a glowing complexion that radiates from within.

Absolute White Pearl Facial | 60 mins | $200

Experience the luxurious beauty ritual used over the last 4000 years by Empress of Royal Court in China. Pearl has been used to beautify skin, lighten scars caused by blemishes, improve elasticity, retain moisture and promote brightening effect.

Aloe Beauty Elixir Facial | 60 mins | $260

Microdermabrasion is applied to loosen up dead cells followed by infusion of hydrating serum to ease out fine lines, creating ultra- smooth, soft and supremely elastic skin.

Caviar Facial | 60 mins | $260

Designed to preserve and defend your youthful skin, this luxuriously pampering facial using Caviar extracts, will renew and transform your skin, leaving it super soft and supple, and gloriously radiant. A perfact facial for lacklustre skin.

Stem Cell Age Reversal facial with ultrasound | 60 mins | $260

Unlocks youth with the potent serum to activate the stem cells in your skin and visibly halts the clock. The growth of new cells, production of collagen, elastin, and proteins firm wrinkles and slow development of new lines.

MO2 Oxygen Facial | 60 mins | $320

Celebrity Facial Treatment. Collagen booster by supplying nutrients and moisture for skin. Gentle Oxygen Therapy to breathe life into tired and dull skin.

CIM Triple Action Facial | 60 mins | $320

CIM facial is a triple action facial which every woman can benefit from improved skin elasticity, skin renewal and brightening. Active ingredients such as anti oxidants from acai berry, Vit C, and plant stem cells, coupled with CEFM fermentation technology ensures that you receive the best quality in a facial. Your skin will feel supple, lifted, fine lines erased and complexion brightened, after your first treatment. 

EX3 Cell Renewal Facial | 60 mins | $320

This facial focuses on exfoliation of dead skin, extraction and deep pore cleansing, and elimination of factors causing premature aging. Gentle non-invasive aqua peeling, coupled with AHA and BHA will enhance brightening and skin renewal resulting in a clearer, blemish-free youthful complexion.

Cocktail Skin Revival Facial | 60 mins | $380

A dual treatment to remove mercury, dead skin cells, Demodex and harmful impurities. Transdermal infusion of Repair Cocktail to repair skin structure to reveal luminous skin.

Toskani Anti Aging Meso Cocktail Treatment | 60 mins | $380

Intensive firming solution. Counteracts the effects of aging on the face adn provides a trophic effect, avoiding loss of firmness.

Toskani Radiance Meso Cocktail Treatment | 60 mins | $380

Brightening solution with powerful antioxidant and anti-melanogenic action. Acts before, during and after melanogenesis, as it inhibits melanin synthesis and increases its degradation.

Hydro Peel with Oxygen Spray | 60 mins | $320

Oxygen Therapy delivers pulsated oxygen into the epidermis, making the skin tender, elastic and vibrant. Supply the lacking collagen and other nutrients into lifeless skin to repair damaged skin cells, improve dull and rough skin. It will visibly reduce find lines and wrinkles, and dramatically rejuvenate tired skin.

Hydro Peel with RF | 60 mins | $320

The deep heating of Multipolar Radio Frequency creates biological response of polarization of electronic mobility in the human tissues, to RF with LED Light for compact shaping and face lifting, to remove wrinkle, restore the skin’s elasticity and lustre. Red light for aging skin. Blue light to sooth sensitive or acne skin. Green light for radiance and whitening effect.

Hydro Peel with Supersonic Handle | 60 mins | $320

Choice of intensive nourishing serums are deeply absorbed via Supersonic Handle while promoting microcirculation and skin rejuvenation to achieve instant radiance, lightening of pigmentation and refined fine lines. Healthy glow is achieved as the skin is deeply hydrated and circulation has been boosetd allowing fresh blood to bring new nutrients to the cells.

Oxy-Tripollar Restoration Facial | 60 mins | $380

Advanced facial which combines the  technology of multipolar RF, Oxygeneo  and ultrasound technology. Result is  healthy firmer skin which glows from within. 

Carboxy Medi Facial | 80 mins | $400

Medi- aesthetic facial from Korea which oxygenates the skin from within. This facial also give a youthful glow and lifts the skin. 

RF2 Age-Defying Facial | 60 mins | $380

Face contour and skin regeneration using Radio Frequency Heat Therapy to lift saggy skin and smoothen wrinkles. Infusion of luxurious Gold Serum to moisturize and give an instant brightening effect.

PTF2 Skin Rejuvenating Facial | 60 mins | $380

Photo Therapy Facial to reduce dark spots, fine lines, and enhance the firming effect. Infusion of Gold Serum with ultrasound for instant radiance. The ultimate facial for brightening effect.

PTF Advance Facial | 60 mins | $480

Advanced intense pulse light to stimulate collagen and elastin for skin rejuvenation. Refine coarse pores, relieve elasticity deficiency and acne problems. Removal of pigmentation, wrinkles and delay skin aging process. Followed by Crystal Therapy massage to calm and soothe skin condition.

Porcelain Nano Polypeptide Infusion| 60 mins | $680

Reduces the visible signs of aging, rejuvenating and plumping effect is provided by boosting collagen, elastin and hydration. 

Classic Facial Treatment

Clarifying Facial | 60 mins | $140

A deep pore cleansing & purifying treatment.

Refreshing Facial | 60 mins | $140

Soothes & calms sensitive skin.

Imperial Dead Sea Facial | 60 mins | $150

Achieves hydration with mineral-rich mask.

Age Reversal Facial | 60 mins | $160

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne Elimination Facial | 60 mins | $160

Reduces inflammation and clears blemishes.

Collagen Booster Facial | 60 mins | $160

Hydrates & improves the elasticity of the skin’s collagen whilst toning.

Upper Back Beautifier Treatment | 40 mins | $180

A deep cleansing facial but for the upper back. This treatment deep cleanses pores, reduces blemishes and lightens scars and marks. 

Skin Refiner Facial| 60 mins | $200

Renews and rejuvenates the skin with micro-peeling.

Matis Paris Signature Treatment

MATIS Discovery Time Comfort Facial | 60 mins | $238

Skin calmed from the first gesture of care:

  • A fresh and radiant complexion
  • Skin looks less vulnerable
  • Healing and repair
  • The anti-inflammatory and calming effect
MATIS Discovery Purely Perfect Facial | 60 mins | $238

Skin breathes again, purifies without drying:

  • Purifies and soothes
  • Luminous, fresh and soft skin
  • Tightened pores
  • Skin protected from circular stress and oxidation
MATIS Discovery Two Texture Facial | 60 mins | $268

A unique treatment that gives skin advantage of time:

  • Skin protected from cellular stress, oxidation, and glycation (main actors in the signs of skin aging)
  • Perfectly plump, healthy-looking skin and the signs of age are pushed away
  • Supple, more elastic and fully quenched skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles attenuated, the skin is re-inflated from the inside
MATIS Signature Detoxifying Facial | 60 mins | $388

Skin it brighter, radiant and stress-free:

  • Face appears less puffy and well contoured
  • Even toned complexion
  • Skin regains elasticity and toned
  • Supple, oxygenated and youthful skin
MATIS Paris Cell Expert Facial | 60 mins | $438

Skin is regenerated, firm with brighter complexion:

  • White rose stem cells and pea extract protect against free radicals
  • Skin is supple, firm and fine lines erased.
  • Complexion is bright and radiant


Eyebrow Shaping


Eye Refining Treatment with Ultrasound| 20 mins | $180

Deluxe Eye Treatment with deep penetration of plant extracts to diminish dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness using Ultrasonic Therapy.

RF Eye Treatment| 30 mins | $110

Deep heat from radio frequency technology, which is safe for eye area, will reduce fine lines, firms the deep collagen tissues and reduces eye bags. 

Pearl Neck Treatment| 20 mins | $160

Infusion of Pearl Powder ingredients by Photon Light Ultrasonic Therapy for deep absorption of essence to repair fibrous tissues and restore elasticity.

Caviar Neck Treatment

20 Mins | $168

Refresher Eye Treatment| 20 mins | $55

Lymphatic massage & eye mask to soothe and reduce puffiness.

Enhanced Eye Treatment| 20 mins | $85

Eye treatment with double eye mask to relax and reduce dark circles.

Energizing Eye Treatment| 20 mins | $180

Lymphatic massage and an eye mask to detoxify eye area using the traditional Gua Sha technique. Release stress, remove dark circles, activate cells, and uplift sagging skin around eye area.

Milia Treatment| 30 mins | $190

Removes white bumps or cysts without any scarring of the skin.

SRS Phytoha Serum with Ultrasound| 20 mins | $218

Micro anti-wrinkle filler, a serum-type texture using Skin Rejuvenation Solution to prevent and treat wrinkles with Ultrasonic Therapy. It improves skin tone to give a healthy and radiant look.

Toskani Meso Lift Anti-Aging Cocktail with Ultrasound

20 Mins | $218

Toskani Radiance Meso Cocktail with Ultrasound

20 Mins | $218

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We are happy to cater to customers’ needs based on the number of sessions purchased. The package amount between the customer and consultant must be made upon mutual agreement.
* All prices displayed included GST and effective from 1st April 2021.
* Valid for both male and female customers
* All package signed has only one year validity from date of purchase.
* AVA Certificate of Insurance will be issued immediately upon purchase of pre-paid packages.