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Water Therapy

Throughout time and around the world, cultures such as the Greeks, Romans and Japanese have realized the benefits and healing powers of hydrotherapy to the mind, body and soul. We offer the "pre-spa hydrotherapy ritual," a progressive combination of water-based treatments, to help spa-goers attain maximum benefits of their spa experience. This pre-spa ritual is a purposeful journey of warming and detoxifying the body to increase circulation and awareness, designed to intensify the effects of massage and body treatments

Steam Bath & Shower 30 mins S$40
Quite simply, a beautiful steam bath to really make your own. Step into the steam filled room to clear the head, sinus and nasal passages and refreshes the spirit, promoting clarity of mind. The steam can also relax stiff joints and muscles, deeply cleanses the skin, eliminates toxins and boost the immune system
Milky Hydrotherapy 30 mins S$85
This subtly scented unique and nourishing cream bath gel, with the rich antioxidants of natural essences and the soothing qualities changes consistency under running water and becomes light and milky, leaving your skin like pure silk silky smooth.
Salt Bath 30 mins S$85
Luxuriate in a mineral bath with aroma salts infused with scented salts. We have salts with high mineral contents to provide the skin with the nutrition it needs to be smooth and supple.
Herbal Bath 30 mins S$100
The Herbal Bath consists of combinations of aromatic fresh herbs is a very therapeutic and popular hydrotherapy treatment. The herbs will awaken the senses, soothes and relaxes the body, reducing stress levels.
Aromatic Bath 30 mins S$100
Amongst the city backdrop, the clean crystal clear water mixed with essential oils supplied for the bath will instantly refresh and rejuvenate you. It will totally remove any bodily tension and give you the ability to enjoy a more restful night's sleep.

Prices are inclusive of 7% GST