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Décleor Facial Therapies

At LifeSpa, we believe that beauty comes from within. We do our best to ensure that our facial treatments offer the best in holistic skincare, working from the outside in to provide sustained results and that special glow.

Our Décleor Facial therapies, combines quality and excellence using 100% pure essential oils with natural plant extracts are designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle, relaxing mind and body for the ultimate experience.

Décleor Facial Therapies are suitable for the following skin concerns:
Dehydrated Skin
Oily & Blemished Skin
Sensitive Skin
Dull & Pigmented Skin
Mature Skin
Dry and Aging Skin

Our Décleor Facial Therapies range includes:
Aroma Essential Glow Facial 60 mins S$160
Delight in a 100% natural and pure treatment for clear and velvety-soft complexion. Treatment is inclusive of cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage and facial mask for added clarity and radiance.
Aromaplastie Facial 90 mins S$220
A unique facial treatment complete with the back diagnostic massage. The massage is relaxing for you and enables your therapist to make an expert diagnosis of your skin and overall health in order to provide you with the Decleor beauty treatment most suited to your needs. The use of the appropriate heavenly Aromessence™ Body Oil helps the therapist's fingers slip seamlessly over your spine and surrounding muscles for a truly divine experience.

A multi-vitamin rich mask containing 100% natural active ingredients of Linseed, Wheat Germ and Sunflower provides dual action to stimulate and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment, to correct any imbalances, leaving your skin moisturised and revitalised.
Aroma Bright Facial 75 mins S$235
This amazing treatment features 100% natural brightening ingredients combined with unique bright white complex, a blend of active flower extracts and the latest generation stabilised Vitamin C. It replenishes the moisture and brightens up dull and pigmented complexion as well as lightens dark spots and enhances skin radiance to reveal a clear, luminous and flawless complexion.
Aroma Expert Facial 90 mins S$300

High precision treatment with a back diagnostic massage which provides an expert response to the needs of every skin type. The holistic answer for revitalising ageing skin. This treatment will re-stimulate and firm tired skin with the revolutionary 'Lissage' melting tablet made from salko, corn and serine that enhances the youthful appearance of your skin, restoring firmness and softening expression lines that appear as the skin begins to show the first visible signs of ageing. Luminosity is restored to the complexion. The use of the appropriate heavenly Aromessence™ Body Oil helps the therapist's fingers slip seamlessly over your spine and surrounding muscles for a truly divine experience.

Specialist Facials

Our Specialised Facial Treatments are intensive treatments designed to give you surgical quality results without the pain! Perfect for rejuvenating your skin, these facials reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, rosacea, broken veins and pigmentation.

Our Specialised Facials range includes:
Micro-Dermabasion Facial 60 mins S$200
Micro-peeling is an intensive exfoliation treatment method to remove dead skin cells and trapped debris in pores. Recommended for skin problems such as minor acne because this treatment deep-cleans the pores of your skin
It also stimulates skin cell turnover and rejuvenation. This treatment method results in skin that is smooth, supple, clear, healthy and glowing
It decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, that appear on the face as we age
Radio Frequency Age Defying Facial 75 mins S$400
Radio Frequency waves helps tighten skin on the face and body through the use of heat. This penetrates deep into dermis layer and stimulates the production of collagen.
Radio Frequency devices heat the dermis, the deepest skin layer, without damaging the epidermis, the top layers of skin, to provide a clinical improvement in skin laxity with minimal risks and shorter downtime.
The application of heat relaxes and softens the muscles to help alleviate pain and stress.
Blackheads can be removed when heat is applied; this encourages the skin to sweat.
Facial massage results in a face-lift effect that helps maintain muscle tone
Improved blood circulation
Gentle and safe for all skin types
Micro R Therapy Facial 75 mins S$535
Cell renewal, production of collagen and elastin progressively filling in depressed scars, deep lines, and wrinkles will benefit from the use of micro skin needling treatment
Stimulates collagen production without damaging your skin
Helps to reduce/remove acne scars, pigmentation marks, cellulite & stretch marks
Softens fine lines & wrinkles
Helps to tighten your skin & improve elacticity
Restores collagen & prevent aging
PTF Skin Rejuvenating Facial 75 mins S$535
A phototherapy (PTF) facial is an alternative to invasive skin care treatments. It uses a non ultraviolet light technology to achieve significant health and wellness results
Improves skin elasticity, reduces acne breakouts, minimizes age spot and wrinkles
Promotes even skin tone
Reduces appearance of fine lines and pigmentation

Eye Treatments 30 mins S$55 onwards
Lip Treatment 30 mins SS125
Milia Treatment 30 mins S$190
Neck Treatment 30 mins S$85 onwards
Holistic Ear Candling 30 mins S$110

Prices are inclusive of 7% GST